Week 2 Recap: Real Men Stand

Well, looks like it’s that time of the week again boys.

So, Walsh put up the most points this week – which was 12.7 points less than Brack’s and Greg’s teams’ COMBINED TOTAL points in their match-up.


So, that point total also gives him first place. He will be even more stoked when I start sports betting with his website, that referral is gonna keep his $10 for $190 parlays flowing.

Walsh v. Joe C: Joe, sucks to be you in fantasy. You would’ve beaten every other team this week (other than Tasset’s). But, fuck Aaron. Also, fuck Aaron Jones. He killed it for Walsh.

Tasset v. Liam: Tasset came prepared, and scored the second highest point total for the week. It was a good game, but last year’s champ Liam got beat by the swami. McCaffery may be hurt now, but Waller really was that n-word for Aaron this week.

Jay v. Butch: West Coast Jay fucked up Brian the truck this weekend. Butch might have Kyler to watch and cheer for, but that wasn’t enough as Jay’s WRs all got at least 20 points. With SQB on IR, Jay will have a tough go at it next week. The Cowboy’s comeback was the best one I’ve seen since these two cowboys and their too-gay-to-write double entendre about coming and backs.

Me v. Conor and James: I won, happy to be up in 2nd place. Lost Mostert to injury, but I should be fine. Look at me in the face – I need a TE.

Garrett v. Chris: Well, here we have two ex-LA guys. Love having Conroy back on the East Coast. Garrett managed to beat up on Chris, who keeps canceling trades on me after accepting them in his league. Well, do not worry – trades in this league go through, but I do not do bad deals. Waitaminute. We’ve gotten rid of tons of regulation. We’re going to do something big with this season. I guarantee it.

Greg v. Brack: Wow, Greg working Brack with the lowest points for a winner probably ever. Here we fucking go again boys … figure out your team or else it’s going to be a long year.


Me and Butch
Butch and Me

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